Free Airdrops & claims, access Rogue Galaxies Fleet Commander Game, free resource loot boxes and much more.

The earlier you join, the more you can collect.

Mint Feb. 15


Season 0.1 Genesis Overview
Access to game
FREQUENT Spaceship Accessory Airdrops & Claims
Access to Rogue Galaxies Fleet Commander
Discount in all upcoming Rogue Galaxies mints
Free Resource box when game is live
"GENESIS PILOT" title for character in game
"GENESIS ROGUE" Title for character in game
Early access to space exploration module
Access to exclusive content on website
Prepatual Whitelist in future drops
Part of the Story with your own Story Logs
Forever in the Credits of Rogue Galaxies as early Supporter


Access to Game

The spaceship NFTs will act as the key to the video game.

By owning a spaceship, you will be able to play and participate.

Resource Boxes

As soon as the game goes live you will be rewarded with Resource Boxes within the game.

These contain materials you will need to upgrade and level up your spaceship.

Exclusive Game Titles

You will receive a unique title that can be displayed next to your name in game.

Only the ones that hold these NFTs will have access to that title.

Season Pass: Genesis Airdrop

Shortly after the first drop we will airdrop the Season Pass: Genesis to all holders of a spaceship.

The Season Pass: Genesis enables you to participate in missions to get rewarded with frequent Accessories Airdrops and other benefits.

Accessory Airdrops

Spaceships will get Accessory airdrops & claims by holding the NFT.

Season Pass: Genesis will get Accessory claims through engagement and participating in missions.

Early Access

Owning a spaceship will grant you access to the Space Exploration Module before everyone else.

Become a first player and game tester and shape Rogue Galaxies closely with us!

Exclusive Content

You get exclusive access to upcoming areas on our website. This will include areas where you can combine your spaceship with accessories.

Doing daily missions for your Season Pass: Genesis to participate in future airdrops and leveling it up to upgrade it for the next season.

Benefits in Mints & Collabs

By holding one of our Genesis NFTs you will get prepetual Whitelisted on all future mints.

Additionally all Genesis NFT holders will get special discounts on all of our mints.


Whats included?

To join the first season of Rogue Galaxies, either purchase a Spaceship or a Season Pass: Genesis.

Both of those will make you eligible for numerous airdrops, claims and other perks inside around the game.


  • 9. December 1st 1000 Season 0.1 Genesis Spaceship NFTs Sale
  • 16. December Season Pass: Genesis Sale
  • 23. December Season Pass: Genesis Airdrop to 1st Season 0.1 Genesis Spaceship holders
  • 13. January Announcement of Visual Upgrade for 0.1 Genesis Collection (Community Feedback)
  • 22. January Accessory Box Claim
  • 27. January Fleet Commander Discord RPG launch followed with multiple Updates
  • 13. February Launch Rogue Galaxies Fleet Commander Web Game
  • 14. February Visual Upgrade of 0.1 Genesis Collection
  • 15. February 2000 Season 0.1 Genesis Spaceship NFTs Sale
  • 19. February Accessory Box claim for holders
Join season 0.1 GENESIS


By minting a Season 0.1 Genesis spaceship, you will be one of the first to join Rogue Galaxies.