Rogue Galaxies: A Web3 MMO Roguelike Sci-Fi Game with a Community-Driven Story

The beginning of a new kind of journey.
Nov 11, 2020 5:18 PM

Rogue Galaxies: We're proud to finally announce what we've been working on at NMKR Games.

Behind the scenes the team has been busy planning our first major game: Rogue Galaxies, a Web3 Sci-Fi Roguelike MMO all about space exploration, fighting, harvesting and upgrading your character and spaceship to progress through the galaxy.

Rogue Galaxies is set several thousand years after the evacuation of Earth. Humanity has spread throughout the galaxy and split into three major factions, physically evolving according to their challenging surroundings, each with its unique and glorious - yet rough on the edges - capital worlds. The galaxy has just been rocked by a mysterious physical phenomenon causing realities to clash through "Overlaps". Our already colourful galaxy, with its extremes in planet biome and solar system diversity, is witnessing planets appearing and disappearing (fully and in sections), moons with seas of molten rock half covered in never-melting snow, human cities pierced by gigantic crystal formations… Not even the dark expanse is safe; stars are unnaturally bursting into existence within seconds.

Be warned; if space was dangerous before, venturing out now is a death wish. Forces from within and without this universe will stand in your path. The ongoing escalation of war between the factions has only been exacerbated by recent events. Being from one of the three factions, you already live with a bullseye. Freebooters are running rampant, with or without a faction's letter of marque. As your wealth and resources grow, so will your appetite. However, nothing has prepared any human in the galaxy for the legions that have spilt from across the Overlaps. Mysterious humanoid beings with no apparent allegiance have flooded our universe. They are on a warpath of their own, searching for the same thing we all are now…

In Rogue Galaxies, you can explore space with your own NFT spaceship, upgrade your character and explore thousands of planets.

Development & funding

Developing a game of the scope Rogue Galaxies is promising is a long and challenging path. One of our priorities is keeping the development process as accessible as possible and involving the community. Because of this, we will create an active Discord community where all sorts of game development topics can be discussed.

Game development is expensive, teams must be built, artists must be hired. This is precisely why we will create a hybrid funding model and explore multiple funding mechanisms. One of the core mechanisms will of course, be the sale of our NFTs. In Rogue Galaxies, you will have the opportunity to own various objects as NFTs, level them up, upgrade them and explore the world with them. We will create a vibrant in-game economy that overlaps with the Cardano NFT ecosystem.

Community Driven Story

Rogue Galaxies is a very story-heavy game, and during the development of the game, we are introducing  community-driven story creation through our DISCORD.

We're also implementing a new form of storytelling via Twitter. Follow these accounts to not miss a thing: