Meet the Rogue Galaxies Team

Behind every great gaming project... is a team working tirelessly to bring that project to life. Our core team has been developing a great concept and story for months, now it's time to grow.
Nov 11, 2020 5:18 PM



With almost two decades of combined experience in the video game development scene alongside Robin, Yves Masullo is a powerhouse in the indie game scene. Building SmokeStab from the ground up with his brother-in-arms, Yves has seen his experience bear fruit both in the web2 and web3 world. His first major release in web3 was “ADA Ninjaz: Shards of Ninava”, a Cardano based web3 game. But that’s his past. His future? To create engaging experiences that capture the player's imagination & connect people around the world.



Alongside Yves, Robin is ready to take the web3 gaming world by storm. Fronting the game design and leading the programming of Rogue Galaxies, Robin is bringing his experience in creating living universes where players can live their own stories into the new world of blockchain tech. Co-founder of SmokeStab, Robin has led the charge alongside Yves in the development of successful web2 games and is ready to evolve the web3 space for all future games to come.



Also known as "the storyteller", Ignacio's experience comes from his multimedia background. Film, music, theater, manga and video games have been his professional playing grounds since his teenage years. His breakthrough into the Web3/NFT scene was as Chief Creative Officer and storyteller for ADA Ninjaz. His goals span from finding new forms of decentralized storytelling in web3 entertainment and the crypto world to creation and teaching of all forms and structures of narrative and non-narrative storytelling through various art forms.

The NMKR core team

The Rogue Galaxies / NMKR Games team is working closely with the rest of the NMKR Core Team, which nowadays consists of more than 20 amazing humans.