OUR FIRST MINT: 9th Dec. 2022

Find out all the details of our first mint and make sure you're informed. Knowledge is power after all.
Nov 11, 2020 5:18 PM

Our insane collection of 3k soon-to-be-playable ships are dropping soon. Here's all the information that you need to know.


Our first 3k collection will be split into 3 x 1K drops of our first Spaceship Class.

1st drop, 9th Dec

2nd drop, ? January

3rd drop, ? February

MINTING TIMES FOR OUR 1st DROP (voted by the community!)

Whitelist starts at:

12pm LA (9th December Friday)

3pm NY (9th December Friday)

8pm UTC (9th December Friday)

9pm CET (9th December Friday)

Whitelist ends and OG Role starts at:

10pm LA (9th December Friday)

1am NY (10th December Saturday)

6am UTC (10th December Saturday)

7am CET (10th December Saturday)

OG ends and Early Supporter Role starts at:

11am LA (10th December Saturday)

2pm NY (10th December Saturday)

7pm UTC (10th December Saturday)

8pm CET (10th December Saturday)

Early Supporter Role ends and Verified Community Role starts at:

10pm LA (10th December Saturday)

1am NY (11th December Sunday)

6am UTC (11th December Sunday)

7am CET (11th December Sunday)


60 Whitelist spots will be raffled to our community on the wl-raffles channel of our discord DAILY

- 25 will go to OGs

- 20 to Early Supporters

- 10 to NMKR Community

- 5 to Verified

40 will be distributed to our partner projects.


Our modular ships (cockpit, body, wings, thrusters, etc) have 3 different design models per section and 5 different materials to be had.First 1k collection will be split...

- 100 for WL spots (1 per wallet)

- 200 for OGs (1 per wallet, first come first serve)

- 300 for Early Supporters (1 per wallet, first come first serve)

- 350-400 for Verified (TBD per wallet, first come first serve) (note: max.50 NFTs will be taken for the treasury for giveaway and contests)


If you get your hands on an NFT, you will be dropped a Limited Edition Battle Pass which will allow you to start playing our "pre-game-game" and earn accessory and in-game NFTs on a bi-weekly basis. This means the earlier you get your mint, the earlier you start receiving airdrops!

You will also be able to purchase some of the extra Battle Passes during a second drop in case you have not been able to get your hands on a Space Ship.

NFT (which includes the Limited Edition Battle Pass airdrop) = 350 ADA

So join us on the 9th of December for an amazing first mint!
And join our Discord for much more info and to see what the community has been building.